Thursday, September 5

The Greatest Show on Earth !

Glitters, at Honeymoon Beach, St. John
oil pastel, 
matted and framed   13 x 16
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Represented by Full Moon of St John
Aqua Bistro - Coral Bay 
St. John, VI

I have a couple favorite beaches on the island of St. John. Honeymoon Beach hits the top of the charts in my book, especially if I can be the solitary soul enjoying it. Not the easiest beach to get to, there are times after about 4 in the afternoon when day cruisers have left on their boats, and most beach people pull up stakes and begin their hike back to Caneel Bay for dinner ... it is at that moment, later in the day, when nobody is left in the sand, that the magic begins.

Glitters will begin to dance on the surface of the water. Preparations for a Caribbean sunset will be underway.  And, if you can snag those private box seats for sunset at Honeymoon Beach, you will agree that the experience should be titled "The Greatest Show on Earth".