Monday, April 18


Above Waterlemon - St. John, VI

Oil Pastel on Paper, 9x11
Giclees available

I wish I could say I was right there, completing this piece plein air, on St. John. But, last week, still hunkered down in Michigan, I retreated to my studio and by way of a commission, I added another work to the ongoing series Art of the Virgin Islands.  

Doing landscape work takes me directly to the spot being depicted. I am enjoying landscape more and more - guess I need a vacation. 

The Virgin Islands series is a large ongoing body of work with favorite scenes of St John in the Virgin Islands. The first in the series was done on vacation there, in 1999 and more have been added yearly. All pieces have been oil pastel and most have been done plein air. Most originals quickly go to homes, and additionally all works in the series are available in giclee. I am pleased a very special gallery on St. John also represent the works. 
Full Moon of St. John at Aqua Bistro, Coral Bay