Sunday, September 21


The 2014 Commemorative Santa Claus
"Santa Decorating the Tree"

oil pastel on textured mat board

Although the days of traditional blown glass ornaments are behind us, the vintage ornament Santa is carrying in this work is a cherished glass bulb which my Mother and Dad hung on their trees in the 40's and 50's. The rocking horse is a nod to my childhood love of horses and is an ornament given to me by my Mother in the early 80's. Both are special decorations and are depicted in this year's commemorative Santa Claus.

In 2003 the first Santa image was created, and with it The Santa Claus Series began. 12 Santas later, I have returned to the exact Santa that served as model for the inaugural piece "Santa of the Tree". I wanted to commemorate the 12th and possibly final Santa in the series by revisiting the first Santa I created, presenting him with new vision.

This original work is large scale at 32 X 24 and done in oil pastel on textured mat board. Prints are now available.