Sunday, January 26

Lighting a Bryan Night

Lighting a Bryan Night
Pastel on Paper
32 x 26

There is a place of magic in the northwestern corner of Ohio that I call home... At Christmas time, in the center of the little town, the courthouse square of Bryan, Ohio turns into a place full of  lights, decorations, garlands, and even SANTA CLAUS and his reindeer...   There are fewer places on Earth that put the excitement of Christmas into my heart than Bryan's town square at night. It is all made more wonderful when the snow is falling, blanketing everything in purest white.

The lights that are strung from the courthouse reach out from its tower to eight sections of the historic old buildings on the square. The lights make it appear that there is a multi-colored canopy pulling the entire downtown together.  At night, the site is easily seen for several miles outside of Bryan and beckons everyone to come closer and enjoy the effects....

I am particularly proud of all this. Back in 1947, my dad, John Gorny, joined with several other businessmen and friends to plan the original lighting of the square, and ever since that very first lighting, I have been able to say my Dad and a few of his buddies DID THAT!