Friday, June 14

Riding the Wolverine

Tracks at Niles
Pastel on sanded paper

In mid May I had the opportunity to ride AmTrak's Wolverine line between Detroit and Union Station, Chicago - twice. That means there and back.... the ride was stupendous and inspirational, especially the "back" part. Return trip took me thru late spring landscapes at the setting of the sun, when the sky was warm and the sun was low. It was such solitary fun and the sights were lulling and exciting. As a kid, I was crazy for train travel. Guess things have not changed much.
Speaking of not changing much, take a look at the remarkable charm of the Niles Michigan train station. Additionally, I have plans for more small and intimate impressionistic pastels of the ride on the Wolverine Line. COME BACK... please.  Book a return trip :o)