Saturday, June 2

Talking to the Man in the Moon

Talking to the Man in the Moon

Oil Pastel on Strathmore Series 50 charcoal paper

Framed 30x25

In life there are special people we dearly want to speak to, but for one reason or another, those people may not be available to us... How many times have we spoken a word or two to the moon in hopes our message might be bounced off the surface and on, toward a lost loved one?

Because of the difficulty connecting, the mouthpiece into which we would have spoken our words, symbolically, is only partially represented ... we can, however, evoke fond memories and have wonderful conversations with anyone we choose, through the use of our imagination. That fact is symbolized by finally showing the full mouthpiece in strong shadow near the bottom of the paper.... I consider this the focal point of the piece.

As the story unfolds, the face of the full moon can be seen glowing on the dial.